J&Sons is in the forefront of several businesses for many years now. Having been successful in various fields of enterprise, they now plan to diversify into an innovative product to invade the market of hygiene and cleanliness.

J&Sons are introducing a novel product called “Barber’s Razor”, disposable razors and blades meant for a one-time shave.

“Barber’s Razor” is rapidly gaining strength in the markets, as it guarantees protection from serious medical conditions like Aids, Herpes and bacterial infections etc.

This product is not restricted to men only.  In fact, it is not restricted only to shaving either.  It can be used for domestic purposes, for personal use and of course at barber shops.

However, this product is aimed mainly at anyone who would want a clean and hygienic shave.

“Barber’s Razor” are mainly directed and marketed in salons and barber shops, especially men’s salons, where men go for their daily shave.

Impressing upon our customers the need to prevent diseases and skin infections, J&Sons is aiming at global trade to gain market share.

Company’s Vision:

The company has vision to market this product at a global level helping in preventing dangerous skin infections and medical conditions like Aids, herpes etc.


It is the mission of the enterprise to have a healthy society by spreading the awareness of cleanliness and hygiene.



  • In Salons
  • Domestic use
  • Personal use
  • Barber shops
  • And anyone who wants a clean, protected shave.